Nextcloud url with non-standard port is not supported on iPhone

I have my own Nextcloud server that is available on http://xxxx.yy:8080. I can connect using a pc app or web-browser, but I am not able to connect with my iPhone. If I configure the network to use default http port 80 to access the Nextcloud server, I can connect with both pc and iPhone. The server is used for several purposes, and I would like to use another port than 80 for Nextcloud. Is it possible to connect with iPhone if the port is different from 80?

Is this on a local network? Then you could use several ip addresses on your server. If you can only have one, you could use hostnames and virtual-host on the webserver.

Advantage of the default port, it is default, so you don’t need to specify it and it is open in most networks to use (free wifis etc.).

The Nextcloud server is on my local network behind routers and firewalls. But it is available from Internet because I have set routing of http on port 8080 to go to the Nextcloud server. Everything Works, but I do not iPhones on the Internet to access it. Windows clients and web servers can reach it. iPhone does not. Is this an error?

Do you have this problem with nextcloud ios app or with mobileSafari ?

I was originally having the problem With the ios app. Did not try to login using iPhone Safari until today, and that worked well using http://address:8080. After tying Safari, I can suddenly use the ios app to access the server. Strange, but there seems to be no issues any more.

same issue here … I have my server running on a different port than port 80 and the ios app keeps coming back with a 405.

note I updated from owncloud 9.1.6 in multiple steps to nextcloud 13.0.5 today. when I was still on owncloud, the owncloud ios app worked just fine with this custom port.