Nextcloud uploads conflicting with iPhoto uploads

I have a friend with two iOS devices (an iPhone and a iPad). I don’t have iOS devices myself which makes supporting her a bit complicated.

We had the devices configured to have the iPhone uploading new photos to Nextcloud and not iPhoto. The iPad has been configured to download only from iPhoto. And to upload to Nextcloud.

A few days ago with the update Apple aksed her to extend her iCloud space (with higher costs) and she did it. With this, the iPhoto sync has been enabled on both devices.

Now, all photos from the iPhone has been synced to the iPad and this has triggered a new upload for all those file to Nextcloud … just with a different counter as last part of the filename.

Ain’t there an option to select the photo folders for automatic upload? I assumed only camera photos shall be uploaded, from both devices, and a sync from one device to the other with iCloud shall not trigger a new upload on the synced device.

Also: what is the best configuration in conjunction with iCloud/ iPhoto if one has multiple iOS devices?