Nextcloud Updating everyday and crashing

I’m using NC17 via snap on a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
So, I’m facing an error due to the everyday update of nextcloud, I use the integration with Zimbra, when the update occurs the server stops working and the web interface only shows “Internal server error”, and through the logs that I checked that the problem occurs with the Zimbra user backend service, but as the integration does not work without it, I would like to know if you have any way to disable automatic updates from nextcloud.

You can configure the snap refresh schedule, but if you’re using v17 you must be using the 17/edge channel, which is the v17 daily (thus updating every day). I don’t recommend relying on that. You should be using a more stable channel, which will update less often.

I see, but through the refresh schedule I must set a time to update, in this case I can’t update at all, just manually.
So I need to define a schedule to “never” update

I’m afraid there’s no such thing with snaps. If you need to run a specific version and never update, you’re probably better off using something other than the snap.

Oh ok, so is there somenthing to be done with the Zimbra integration that make it not crash after every update?
Because the whole problem is with Zimbra’s user backend authentication, and when I leave the backend aut disabled it doesn’t crash, but it also stops the integration.

I’m afraid I know absolutely nothing about the Zimbra integration, I’m sorry :cry:.