Nextcloud Updater Reset after failed Update

A couple of weeks ago i tried to Update my NC 11.03 to 12.06. Unfortunately the update Failed and I had to restore my Cloud.
Now when I try to restart the update process, it wants me to continue the previous update. Is there any way to reset the updater app, since I do not trust my current files.

I’d assume, that the state is somehow maintained by some status file inside the updater folder. Have you checked for such files? Inside the folder /var/www/nextcloud/updater, there are only 2 files: index.php and updater.phar.

If you do have more than those, it might be worth taking a look at those other files.

Thanks for the input! But even if i move all files exept for updater.phar and index to a different location, it still shows the dialog as it was :frowning:

Hmm… why don’t you let the updater just run? Usually, the update downloads the whole software anyway and replaces your current instance.

You could also just download the complete tgz archive manually and perform the update that way. You would just have to save your current config.php. If you then run the upgrade from occ, that should be just as fine.