Nextcloud Update with 128mb php memory limit

I have a nextcloud server, but I have no feasable way to update it.

The administrator page update always gets stuck at Step 5.
The probable reason is the php memory limit of 128mb. But i have no rights to change it, and my hoster won’t do it.

The manuel update with console,
manual extracting new verson, copying config.php & data, running upgrade script, handling error etc. is to much efford as it always takes about 5 hours to do it.

Is there any way to do an update with less work?
For example an update script that does all the manual update step automatically?

Or is there a way to fix the web update gets stuck at step 5 problem.

I love nextcloud, but doing an update is really troublesome.

This shouldn’t take five hours. Couple possibilities:

  • Try using mv instead of cp if you’re relocating your data directory to the new folder (this will not require any data to be copied on the medium; it’ll just update filesystem metadata and should take <1 second)
  • Move your data directory out of your Nextcloud installation folder entirely

No need to guess. That’s the integrity check phase. Are you running Updater from the command-line or via the web?

  • Command line is most reliable and recommended
  • There’s a log file specific to the Updater. It’ll be called updater.log in your data directory next to your nextcloud.log.
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