Nextcloud update only RC


3 days ago NC 23.0.5 was released. But when I go to my NC I do not get any update in stable channel. (That is something i can understand). But when I switch to beta channel I am provided NC 23.0.5 RC instead of 23.0.5.

Is anyone able to explain to me the release policy?
What / who defines what “beta” is? What if I want to update to 24.0.1 instead?

I’ve got the same issue here.

Nextcloud 23.0.5 is currently being rolled out to 70% of users. You can see this her:

More infos about the process here and here:

Nextcloud makes new versions incrementally available to user installations in the Stable channel. When a major new version comes out, we wait about one week and only when no problems are found we start the roll out in steps of about 20% of our user base per week. If you maintain several servers, this means some get it sooner than others. Sometimes, an issue is found that was not caught during our pre-release testing, so we delay the roll-out until the fix is available. As a result new release is typically only available in the stable channel after the first minor release. Sometimes it can take even a bit longer. Users can always upgrade sooner by choosing the beta channel, which typically tracks stable releases immediately after publishing.

hmm. I do understand, that staged rollouts are a good thing so a smaller user group can test releases first. but I don’t understand why it makes sense to let beta users test 23.0.5 RC instead of the already finished 23.0.5 release.

Hhm, i’m not jure, but maybe it make sense to open a issue here: Issues · nextcloud/updater_server · GitHub

I don’t think Nextcloud devs or other decision makers are really reading this forum…