Nextcloud Update not possible (No space left on device)

Hello guys,

I got my docker instance of NCP and want to update to the newest version. It’s running on a ODROID N2 and the files are stored directly on a RAID 1 system. So no backup is needed. But when I want to update Nextcloud wants to create a backup and of course there is not enough space because from 4 TB more than 2 TB are already used so he can’t backup and the update fails.

pigz: abort: write error on <stdout> (No space left on device)
tar: /var/www//nextcloud-bkp_20190914_1568420502.tar.gz: Cannot write: Broken pipe
tar: Child returned status 28
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
error generating backup

But of course I want to upgrade to the newest version. How can I do this?

That’s a mistake… just FYI. RAID does not eliminate the need for backup. Take it from someone who has seen RAID-1 make a bad mirror.

As to your question, normally with a Docker update, what you would do is drop the container, create a new container with the new image, and re-attach the old container’s volume(s). There should not be any need to duplicate the volume.

I don’t want to drop the container. You update through the web panel of NextCloudPi. And still I won’t backup literally 3 TB again. How long should this take and even how much storage?

Deleting the container and creating it again to update can’t be the solution…

Well I’m not sure about NextCloudPi, but this is how it’s done in the official Docker image. The container itself is disposable as the volumes mounted to the container (web root, data folder) contain all the real data. I use Docker-compose for this which does all the heavy lifting for me.

So for example last time I updated from 16.0.3 to 16.0.4, I put NC in maintenance, took a snapshot of my virtual machine, installed host updates, pulled new Docker images, deleted and recreated the containers on the new images, took NC out of maintenance, and it was done. The whole process takes about 5 minutes including a VM reboot. I usually let the VM snapshot ride a day or so before merging until I’m comfortable everything is working.

But I don’t use NextCloudPi so I can’t say about that. Maybe they use a different process. Another Pi user will have to chime in for that one.

With Docker-compose this process is literally docker-compose pull to download any images that have new versions and docker-compose up -d to cycle the containers with the new images and Nextcloud is updated.

Fixed by nachoparker with NCP Update 1.17.1

Groupfolders were included in the dataless backup but they shouldn’t.

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