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I would fill out the template but it is “frozen”. I’ll do the best I can:
Nextcloud: 14.03
OS: Windows 10 (64bit; Home)
PHP: 7.1

I could collect all the other data if I you really need it.

I’m self hosting Nextcloud. I installed with Softlacous installer in CPanel. I update using the cPanel script because it makes backup easy.

Problem: When I login to Nextcloud to complete the update by clicking on the start update button nothing happens. No progress bar. The screen does not change. Is my system updating or not? How can I get the update to start?


Okay so cpanel is a hosting provider, hope someone has experience with this, how to debug with it’s tools. Had access to a cpanel account once, but can’t remember anymore exactly.

Also it would help to know/check how the softculous script sets up Nextcloud exactly.

If the Nextcloud update ran, you would see a progress, so it doesn’t.
If there is a chance on cpanel to access the system via terminal, you could try to run the upgrade via console occ command:

  • The issue is that on most hosting providers, even if you have terminal access, you can’t use sudo to run php occ command. In rare cases it’s possible to run it simply with your given login user, so without sudo.

Another start to investigate is to check the Nextcloud log file. There is a file manager on cpanel where you can access your Nextcloud data folder. It depends on the install script, where this was located, possible it just uses the default location inside Nextcloud install folder. E.g. /path/to/nextcloud/data/nextcloud.log then is the logfile to check for errors within the last lines.