Nextcloud Text (v24) - where are the Images stored?

The text editor in v24 supports to drag and drop images to a text:

Wonderful feature!

Just one thing: Where (in which folder…) are those images stored?

In the text file I see something like this:

|  |  |
| test![1651680844-2022-05-03_11-38oc.png](text://image?imageFileName=1651680844-2022-05-03_11-38oc.png) |  |
|  |  |

But I don’t see a sub folder or so with the file “1651680844-2022-05-03_11-38oc.png” in it.
I would like to know where those images are stored, and how to make sure to “keep” them when e.g. copying a text file around. I wouldn’t like to write documentation and then have all pictures lost because I moved a file.


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I don’t use the Text app, but appears images are stored in a sub-folder of the working directory. So ./img/whateverphoto.jpg

You’ll want to check the github repo.

I found my test image (another name) with searching the file name.
Please also search the filename.

Name of folder is e.g. .attachments.123456 (my number differs, only an example).
Nextcloud does not show dot-directorys and dot-files.
With deleting the md-file directly also the attachments are deleted.

Restore from trashbin does not work. The images are not restored.
I think this a a bug or a feature.

did that (search in the NC web interface), did not find it (but makes sense if it is a hidden file)

thanks, good to know. so it sould be backed up etc., just need to consider that the images are deleted when the file is deleted (but that happens also when having the image inside a libreoffice file, when that file is deleted…).

need to test what happens when copying the .md file around. I guess the images are still there (cause the image name is sort of “global” in the db…), but the hidden folder may not be moved around… will see

You can look in the folder /path/to/nextcloud/data/username/files/path/to/your/folder/.attachments.***