"Nextcloud Text" is missing

Updated from 16.0.5 to 17.0.1 but there’s no Nextcloud Text app even though it’s ‘activated’.
How come? Thought it’s automatically integrated in the latest version.

the lucky one

Could be easy access.

  • Use the NC web GUI for folder access.
  • Make a new file with .md postfix and enjoy.
  • Double click such files and enjoy.

Mission accomplished?

the tricky one

Could be an issue but would need more details please.

Happy texting or just ask again.

@ownklaut – the self administrated thief, apparently?

Haltet den Dieb! — Ich schmeiß mich weg…



That’s it. Thank you. Was expecting an extra app icon.

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This post helped me as I’d spent hours searching to find how to get the Text app icon to be able to use it. I wanted to show collaborative editing to potential new users.

This usability problem still persists for new users. HOW can it be made clear that no app icon is needed? To stop people searching for hours. And that shared editing is available. Maybe a comment in the App description.
How to actually use Text is not documented with each step anywhere. Those steps are missing.

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