Nextcloud Talk with dynamic DNS


I have setup nextcloud (snap) and made it accessible from internet with dynamic dns. My only problem is with Talk. I want to create a team call by sending links to my friends but when the link is generated it is generated only for the trusted domain in my local network. I need it to generate the links for the second trusted domain which is the dynamic dns domain. How can I do this?

Please help

Hi @ovidius80

There is not really a way arround this afaik. I’m not even sure if it would work when you manually change the domain in the link. But maybe you could test that…

The right way to do this, would be to use the external domain name also in your internal network…

The easiest way to achieve this, would be to activate NAT Loopback, NAT Reflection or Hairpin NAT in your router.

If your router doesn’t support this, you need some kind of local DNS service, so that the “external” domain name of your Nextcloud resolves to the internal IP address of your Nextcloud server, when you connect to it from your local network. In some routers there is a feature called Host Overrides that allows you to do set this up.

If your router doesn’t support this either, you’ll need to set up a separate DNS server inside your local network. A simple way to do this would be Pi-hole. Pi-hole is primarily made for ad blocking, but also offers the possibility to set host overrides.