Nextcloud Talk with Docker image


I’m running NC13 from the official docker images (as described here) but I’m not able to get Nextcloud Talk running with it (no audio and video). I guess that’s because additional ports need to opened on the docker host firewall and forwarded to the docker image. Is that correct?

In any case what else do I need to do to get Nextcloud Talk working with the docker images?

Thanks so much for your help in advance!

Edit: I have now also set up a self-hosted coturn server but still not audio and only blank-video.

For me it is working without additional ports and so on.
The only problem I had so far was using Talk with Firefox. What browser do you use or do you use the Android/iOS app?

Thanks for your reply!
I’m using the docker image with a reverse proxy on the docker host. Do I need a special nginx config if I want to use it with nextcloud talk?

I have tried Firefox 60 beta and Chromium 66, in conjunction with Firefox for Android or Safari on IOS. All without success.

I don’t think that you need a special config.
With Firefox 60 it did not work for me up to now. I just checked with Opera on the one side and the FDroid Android app. This worked. But using Opera and Firefox for Android did not work for me as well.
Have you tried using the app?

Thanks again for your reply!

Between latest (froid) Talk app and Chromium 66 it doesn’t work either (blank screen and no audio). Is there any way do dig deeper into what might cause the problem?
In the server logs there is no information in this regard.

Also I noted that the android app doesn’t connect to the STUN or TURN server, only connections to the nextcloud server it self are established (no DNS lookup or actual traffic toward STUN or TURN server).

Did you actually configure STUN and TURN on the Nextcloud instance? :smiley:

Also, do you use SSL? (Chromium requires that)

And what version of the Android app?

On mobile we suggest you use the apps, and not the browsers if at all possible.