Nextcloud Talk - Size on mobile device for Guests


I wonder if this is just my installation or in general and in someone has a fix?

This issue is on mobile device, both apple and android.

When inviting guests that do not have an account or app in their mobile device, the webpage they come to is not sizing correclty. It opens the sidebar/chat window by default so its blocking most of the screen.

For users not familjar with nextcloud i think its very good if its super easy, and some friends dont understand howto close sidebar.

Its working if changing to landscape mode.

Is this how your installations behave as well, and in such case do anyone have a fix?


I assume this is done by intention. Guests will see how to rename and access the settings if the sidebar is open.
But I agree that it may be a bit confusing on mobile… closing the sidebar is not obvious.
Best would be a greeting screen where guests could enter their name and test settings before joining the chat ;).

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