Nextcloud Talk signaling server installation

I am trying to install the signaling server on a Debian 10 server and I follow this tutorial ( its german. The first few steps work but when I type cp bin/signaling /usr/bin/ it tells me that this file doent excist. I tryed to reboot the server didnt help I installed the os again didnt help.
btw my server is hosted by strato

Then probably something failed running the ‘make’ command. You should watch for an error message there.

It is not a good idea to copy a self compiled software to the path where normally only package software is installed. Normally it is copied to /usr/local/bin … The path /usr/bin is only nessessary if you want start the software without using the path e.g. “signaling” instead of “/usr/bin/signaling” or “/usr/local/bin/signaling”.

Please also search “signaling” in the self compiled path:

find /path/to/compile -name "signaling"
That is the source path and file for “cp”.

Its just telling me that 7 repositories updated; 8 failed and it fiald to make 1 file is there a way to fix that

Sure… But we can’t know if you don’t post the output or at least the exact error message.

It tells me several times that its looking for a newer version but im not sure if thats the problem and after some searching I wasnt able to find any error I also tried just a TURN server, teamspeak and rocketchat all of those didnt work so its probetly the provider

I found this howto helpful, I got it working by following the steps, except the Janus repo does not work. I used a PPA for Janus for this.

Got it running on the server but if someone wants to join a call he wount appear in my call and i dont appear in his call