Nextcloud Talk - Screensharing shows local instead of remote display

Hi, I’m using Nextcloud 19.0.0 with 9.0.1 and I have issues, when I try to connect two devices with screen sharing. I made a video to show this issue, unfortunately I had to convert it to a gif to upload it here:

  1. At the beginning the other PC is already connected to the talk. The screen of the other PC is
    successfully shown (document view).
  2. I activate screen sharing on the local PC and select a tab with this forum
  3. Clicking the preview icon of the remote PC in the bottom left shows my local PC in the big view
  4. The grid view shows the remote PC on the left, but clicking on it shows the local PC instead.

I would expect both 3 and 4 to show the remote PC display.
When only one client enables Screen sharing it works and the preview also stays active.

This server was recently set up, so I have no idea if this was caused by a recent update. Is there anything I did wrong in the setup that could cause this?

Both devices use chrome and had no errors in the console. Talk also uses STUN and TURN set up like in the official tutorial. The webserver is nginx + php-fpm.

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Same issues here.

Nextcloud version: 19.0.3 -
spreed: 9.0.4

Support for multiple people sharing their screens seemed to work better in talk/spreed version < 9.0, but since 9.0 screen-sharing seems broken. Each participant in the call cannot switch to other participants’ screen-shares. If multiple people share their screen, participants are unable to switch between the screens.

Also the “Show screen” buttons don’t seem to work as they should (i.e. actually show the screen…they seem to just gray out the webcam picture).

Being able to see the person you are talking to, allowing both people to share their respective screens, and allowing for switching between screens in the main view would be very valuable. This used to work pretty well in version < 9.0 and because the quality of the talk/spreed stream was so high, it easily outperformed alternative software, IMO.