Nextcloud Talk screenshare - Fullscreen problem (screen in screen)

I have installed Nextcloud 14.0.3, and Talk 4.0.0. Everything is working fine, except when I enable Screensharing and choose option “Your entire screen”.

At that point, when my my entire screen is being shared, I can also see on Talk what I am sharing, and this infinity screen inside screen effect. To avoid this, I just have to minimize browser, but this is problematic when I want to chat for example, etc.

I know that I can share just some application, but I would like to share my entire screen.
Is there a way to resolve or avoid this issue?

Here you go:

Screensharing for Nextcloud Video calls app

Hi Jodl_Dodl,

I already installed this extension, it was requirement for screen sharing to work on chrome.

Problem still remains…


Anyone having this issue?

I am having the same issue.

Hetzner Nextcloud node with:

Nextcloud: 15.0.7
Talk: 5.0.3
Chrome extension Screensharing for Nextcloud Video calls app: 1.0.0

I am also seeing flickers (roughly 15s screen, 2s black, but depends on connection, sometimes only black) with my Talk partner.

Version 7.0.2 of Talk released today 2019 11 14 (I think) fixes the black screen problem.
I used it with Nextcloud 17.0.1 from a Mac to Windows, Ubuntu and Fedora without problems.
Then I used it from Windows 10 to Windows 10 and also Widnows 10 -> Win7 wihtout problems.
Don’t forget to update Talk in the Apps section.
THANKS Nextcloud

Hallo, hab das Problem auch in der 18.03 und Talk 8.08. Hab keinen STUN/TURN Server im Einsatz.

Hello, have the problem in the 18.03 and Talk 8.08. I don’t have a STUN / TURN server in use.