Nextcloud Talk screenshare - Fullscreen problem (screen in screen)


I have installed Nextcloud 14.0.3, and Talk 4.0.0. Everything is working fine, except when I enable Screensharing and choose option “Your entire screen”.

At that point, when my my entire screen is being shared, I can also see on Talk what I am sharing, and this infinity screen inside screen effect. To avoid this, I just have to minimize browser, but this is problematic when I want to chat for example, etc.

I know that I can share just some application, but I would like to share my entire screen.
Is there a way to resolve or avoid this issue?


Here you go:

Screensharing for Nextcloud Video calls app


Hi Jodl_Dodl,

I already installed this extension, it was requirement for screen sharing to work on chrome.

Problem still remains…



Anyone having this issue?