Nextcloud Talk Screen Sharing UI Scaling

Hello people,

i am actually trying to use the Talk app and have some difficulties with its UI.

When i want to share my screen to someone, my screen will be scaled down to fit into the Talk app viewer window. This results in less visibility for the viewer.

Let me explain:
If I use a resolution of 1920x1080 and the viewer - who i am sharing my screen with - also has a resolution of 1920x1080 my shared screen will still be scaled down because of the big fat UI on the bottom of the window of the viewer.

I have created two screenshots to try to show you what i mean.
I want to share what is in the yellow rectangle in full screen. To share it in full screen the red rectangle has to be minimized somehow, otherwise my shared screen - that is in the yellow rectangle - will always be scaled down to fit into the viewers app.

This results in small and almost unreadable text for the viewer if i want him to read something from my screen.

If you know of how to get rid of the red rectangle, that would be great. Thank you.

Actually i am using NC 17.0.1 and Talk 7.0.2

Hey @AlexOnFOSS

if you put the screen-sharing window in full-screen mode (top right corner). From there you right click into the “screen” area > Show Controls > move your mouse to activate the video-like controls (start/stop) -> at the top right side you see an icon to really put the window in full screen (your yellow reactangle and enjoy the full show :slight_smile: )

edit: just figured out, there is a ‘fullscreen’ option in the content menu after right-clicking into the video. Works for me.