Nextcloud Talk screen share Infinity effect

Running NC 20.0.8 with Talk 10.0.6
Rasperian OS on RaspPi4 4Gb

My search of the help forum uncovered a few earlier posts with similar issue, but as of this writing there is no resolution.

First time sharing full screen with colleague. Colleague immediate commented on this Infinity effect. I then had him share his screen and I see it. It’s an Infinity or Mirror effect within the browser running NC. It shows a large image of the screen in front. Behind it is a slightly smaller duplicate image of the screen and so on. This repeats until the final duplicate image is very small as if they are lined up in a tunnel moving towards the rear. Each image a duplicate of the first, but smaller as it descends. A sort of 3D Infinity effect. When switching to any other running app or another browser the effect goes away and it’s normal. This only appears within the browser running NC talk. The main center window of the browser is where the Infinity effect is.

Is there a way to eliminate this Infinity effect when screen sharing?

Thank you!