Nextcloud Talk - Read status (nightmare)


It is getting very hard to be admin these days. Users are using browsers, mobile app and the new nextcloud talk desktop client app. I am desperately trying to enforce:

  • read status = always ON (nobody is allowed to turn this off).
  • typing indicator = OFF (we dont need this).

This is our policy, but problem is that some/several of the users tweak things without really understanding, or putting back to wanted/expected.

Other members here who found a solution for how this can be forced server-side?

I have made custom css for browser part. Works fine, but no solution for apps.

Any advice would be appreciated


Hi, could you please be more explicit in exactly what is happening vs what you expect.

Or maybe they just don’t want a virtual supervisor standing next to them with a speedometer to see how quickly they responded to a message because they have actual work to do in between messaging. :wink:

What happens here is that if a user turn OFF this read status, then all private messages sent to that user instantly goes to read (two lines signal mark or what you call this:


As said, in our server we have a policy that this setting should be ON.


@bb77 That might be, but it is not up to them to decide. To be hoest i have no sympathy with users turning this off (same with iphone ++++).

You can turn that off, as well as calling with hidden number. Personally i think it is totally fair to “show yourself” when you are in a community (as well as calling someone with your phone… hide your number and i will not answer… hide your read status and i have no trust in you).

Thats ME… I am sure others have different opinions, but that is them :wink:

Well, I just wanted to point out that some people probably do it on purpose and not because they don’t “understand” what they’re doing, and I think there are situations where it is legitimate, unless maybe they’re working on a customer service desk or similar.

Anyways, the settings in question are user settings and I’m not aware of any occ commad or config option to force them to all users. At least I didn’t find anything in the documentation. Maybe you can open a feature request on GitHub, if it’s really that important to you.

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Even if you would manually reset the settings, you’re allowed to mark any message as unread, which would circumvent any setting anyways.


As an admin we should be able to turn off that feature as well (if you ask me!) :slight_smile:

Seriously… It makes no sense at all to walk around erasing whatever you do when you are connected to a server you have registered an account. When you read a message in such communities it should be shown. You make a phone call and it should be seen. Erasing traces of whatever (non GDPR) action one does as a user (we all are users) should be up to the server owner.

Yes I will try to figure out where to request this feature (not familiar with GitHub :open_mouth:

Try here, but might require a more general server issue. Review issues in case someone has filed already.