Nextcloud Talk: Possible to hide participant Avatars?

Hello there,

first of all, im sorry for my poor english, if anything is not clear please let me know.

We are going to habe a Webinar with a selfhosted Nextcloud (13.0) with Talk. There is no need for Audio or Webcam broadcast. The only thing we need to broadcast is 2 x 24 inch 1080p Screens. I use AMD Eyefinity to merge the 2 screens as one which is working fine. The Browser of choice is Google Chrome with Nextcloud talk extension.
Is there a possibility to hide the User Avatars (the round circles right under the screen broadcasting window) that take part at the webinar? They need too much space in the window, the content is not readable anymore.
An other possibility: is it possible to share 2 independent screens in one session so the memebers can use their 2 monitor setup for the 2 screens that are being broadcasted? Screen 1 of the caster on screen 1 on the user, screen 2 of the caster on screen 2 on the user.
Hopefully someone will understand what my problem is.