Nextcloud talk on NC16: audio and video issues

Hello everybody

Since NC16, I am facing to audio / video and turn issue

1: My complete configuration:

Nextcloud 16.0.0 on a dedicated server ( on my local network). For tests, UFW is off
Coturn installed on a “service” server ( on my local network). UFW is off too.

Both servers are ubuntu 18.04 servers

Port forwarding on my network: 443 on (for NC with ssl access)
3478 TCP & UDP on (for stun and turn access with no TLS)

2: my turnserver coturn conf:

static-auth-secret= #generated key with openssl command: openssl rand -hex 32
realm= #my external internet box fix IP address

3: tests

stun access is ok through website Trickle ICE

Tested : stun:myexternalIP:3478 =>ok
turn cannot be tested without introducing the auth secret.

4: NC talk parameters
On parameters webpage, I have added stun server, it seems to be ok

when I add turn address (externalIP:3478 , auth secret key, TCP & UDP) I obtain a “!” flag error. So I removed it

5: communication tests
Mobile 2 mobile communication, with the last android app (6.0.3)

local network wifi <> wifi : chat, video and audio work fine
LTE <> wifi and LTE<> LTE: only chat work. Video and audio don’t.

6 : my questions:
I can’t see where is my configuration issue. Could you help me? a turnserver issue conf? a port forwarding issue?
Is there a link between turn issue and LTE communication issue?

Thank you

El Gringo

Yes, you might need TURN server properly installed and configured so this would work.

thank you. do you have any idea on what it doen’t work?

Well, if the two peers can’t find their respective IPs through STUN, then you need TURN :slight_smile:

I meant do you have any Idea on the reason of the non operational turn server. I have tried many tunes, but no way to have it working…

See coturn config for port range and allow (port-forward ) it.
I paste my coturn conf.
I have nc 16 and talk calling working very good local non-local nets

CoTURN config:

listening-port=3478 #Your port
tls-listening-port=your port
external-ip=yourpublicIP/yourGatewayorRouterIP # Your public ip and / your gateway or router local ip
cert=/path/to/cert #make sure coturn can read it (file permissions)
pkey=/path/to/privatekey # As previous, coturn must have file permissions to read it
CA-file=/path/to/CA #as previous, make sure file permissions are right, so COTURN can read
dh-file=/path/to/… #File permissions so COTURN can read file

I have turnserver installed on nextcloud host and it is on DMZ, so no need to port forwarding.
Use ufw and allow ports you configured with theese:
Profile: Turnserver
Title: Coturn Turnserver
Description: Free open source implementation of TURN and STUN Server


Ok I will try to check these parameters in 3 steps:

  • without TLS and without ufw
    If it works:
  • with TLS (thanks for the right management for cert readings, I forgot that fact)
  • and if all is fine, I’ll pull ufw on

For the 1st step, it seems logical that realm=my external fix public address, right?

Thank you for your help!!

I have tried all proposed.
I took care of cert right.
stun works with FQDN:4589 (tls port)
But unfortunately I obtain the same non success when I fill the NC talk turn fields in NC16
I will try to install former versions of NC and NC talk, in order to see if the problem is really on my network / coturn configurations or if there is a bug with NC / NC talk

Thanks for all. If anyway you have other ideas…

Hello everybody.
This morning, without touching anything, I have tried to check NC talk parameters with turn values. During 3 days nothing worked. But today I obtained a ✓ as a validation ! From my job I have called my son through LTE with NC talk app. He was on LTE too, and… Audio and vidéo were clear!!!
A mystery. I will save the conf as it is, on case of crash of server…

Thank you for your help!!

Im glad it working fine for you :slight_smile: