NextCloud Talk notification for Windows and Linux

We would like to ask for someone who can help customizing the NextCloud Talk notification.

  • All notifications have some delays when using Desktop app / browser, even after changing the refresh config. We want to have instant push notification like the NextCloud Talk Mobile App.
  • When the chat session is active (but covered by some application), there is no notification at all. We want to have notification no matter what session is active.
  • When making calls, the notification is not easy to be noticed. We want to have a better way to show the call notification.
  • Prefer the notification will be flashing like other chat software, instead of balloons.

While notification is our first priority, we are also interested in conference recording, opening the same session with multiple devices, zooming in/out during screen sharing.

Kindly leave your contact, expected schedule, and the price if you are interested. You may also email to Thanks.