Nextcloud talk no notifications

Hi - I am running Nextcloud in Chrom and am not getting any notifications with Talk receives a new message (1 to 1 conversation)

If you are sending your messages to yourself it won’t notify you. If your receiving messages from a different user then try clicking on the bell icon and it should request to enable notifications which you will allow.

I am not sending messages to myself. Other people send me messages and I don’t see them for a whole day because I get no notification at all.
Which bell icon?

When clicked it showed request to send notifications.

Im not sure what you are trying to say. Can an Ensglish speaker please reply to my issue.
I have no notifications coming through on Chrome or the Android app or the IPhone app.

I am english :upside_down_face:

Nextcloud Talk app on iOS. No notifications about messages and incoming calls. If I delete app (or exit from account and login again, not always help), it works fine few hours or days, then stops working again. Any idea/solution? Version 9.0.1 server version 8.0.10 Nextcloud version 18.0.4

i have the same issue, there is an asterisk in the browser tab, but no notification.
I have enabled it to all messages, on the mobile the talk app is making noise on mentions, but nothing in the browser. Is there something I missed? There is nothing in the bell icon either.
Calendar and Deck reminders are working.
In the activty list of the nextcloud app there is nothing too.


sometimes I receive a notification only in my firefox. sometimes not. sometimes in very late.

Can you please resolve this issue? We people love you so much and we want to love you more.
Or does anyone got it working properly?


2022 and still same problem.

I found this one
But i can’ find User/Security menu and also doesn’t explain on how to use that PHP code actually