NextCloud Talk: Limit users from starting calls

Hi. Hope this is the right formum for NextCloud Talk.
We are 4 schools using Nextcloud. We are groups like administration, teachers and students.

We have 2 issues:
Students can start prank calls to other schools groups as they can see all groups on the server
One school can see groups of other schools

Is there a way to limit it so a school (group) only see the groups they are member of?
Is there a way to limit so students (group) can not start video calls?


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This would be a nice thing to know: We have got more or less the same problem here: We would like to stop students from creating chat groups in Talk (just groups), because they tend to misuse that. It would be a good feature to, because as a school, we are furthermore responsible for what students are doing on our servers.

What version of Nextcloud/Talk are you running?

Here is what the latest version of Talk has on its configuration page


As Henry suggested you can go to Settings > Talk and change the option Limit starting a call to Moderators only and once you will go to Talk when you create a new chat you can add users and decide which ones are moderators. In that way only moderators will be able to start call, others will need to wait for at least one moderator to join.