Nextcloud talk is not working without SSL

Hi Team, I am unable to use nextcloud talk without SSL. I want to know if it is compulsory to have SSL certificate installed or can we use it without it?

Why would you not use SSL?

I understand the importance of SSL certificate and we will purchasing in coming weeks. We actually want to test the Nextcloud talk application for now.

You can always create self signed certificate or use Let’s encrypt.

You can also go to and manually register a Let’s Encrypt certificate for 90 days if you don’t want to set up certbot. In fact you can get a wildcard cert that way and use it for all your testing.

If you don’t use SSL, you aren’t getting close to a real-world test of the software.

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Hello everyone… I’m trying to install a certificate on the TalkApp Androidv11.1.1. Where do I place the CertFile? When I attempt to install [setup a client certificate] the folder is empty. I’m on a VPS server Ubuntu24.0.1 and the talk app does work as expected within FireFox browser so my SSL is working on the thru the server.

I’m really ignorant on SSL but I did try to put the "defaultSSL’ in the “Talk” folder on the server, think it might look there?

Is there anywhere that provides a stepxstep for dummies like me?


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