Nextcloud Talk iOS app no notifications

Hello! No notifications about messages and incoming calls from iOS app. If I delete app, or exit from account and login again (not always help), it works fine few hours or days, then stops working again.
I use my own TURN & STUN servers, but test it with standard servers and without it.
Any idea/solution?

iOS version13.5.1 (tested on many different phones & iOS versions)
iOS app version 9.0.1
server-sde version 8.0.10
Nextcloud version 18.0.4 (tested on 2 different servers 18.0.x)

Please update your Nextcloud to the latest version.
Either 18.0.7 or 19.0.1

Still have same problem on 18.0.7

Hi @Anry_Aleksov,
You can try to remove the old app tokens from (Nextcloud Talk) that you don’t use from Settings->Security-> Devices & sessions using the web interface.
Also updating the Nextcloud notifications app could help you to solve this issue.
Since there were some issues that could cause not receiving push notifications in some devices that have been fixed in the lastest version.

Still not recieving notifications Nextcloud 21.0 and latest iOS Nextcloud talk app on iPhone X and iPhone 8. Thanks for looking into it, you’re the best :raised_hands::sunglasses:. The same problem was with Nextcloud 20.x.x

Same, no notifications on android or IOS. Latest versions of both. NC 21 and just updated Talk to 11

same here! android seems to work, iOS has no talk notifications for new messages. i’m collecting more data and will report next time…

You might want to check the following document: talk-ios/ at master · nextcloud/talk-ios · GitHub