Nextcloud Talk iOS app is not working


I have installed latest Nextcloud Talk app in my iPhone. When I tried to connect it with my Nextcloud server, I got following error:

“Nextcloud Talk app not found. Please, check that you enter the correct Nextcloud server url and the Nextcloud Talk app is enable in that instance”

I tried URL as “http://my_Nextcloud_server_IP” and “my_Nextcloud_server_IP” both way.
Also, My Nextcloud version is 13.0.4 and Talk application is already installed on the server. Even my android app can connect with that and working fine.

Please help me to solve this issue.

Ravikumar Sadhu

http doesn’t work with iOS.

For that, what should I do?? Do I need SSL certificate? If yes then tell me the process of that.

Thanks in advance.

Indeed. Look into Let’s Encrypt.