Nextcloud Talk iOS app does not ring when a call comes in

I have Nextcloud installed in a private network and also have the talk app installed on the server and on my iPhone. When I make a call from my desktop to the iPhone app, I can see a message indicating the call in the chat, but there is no ring or popup to accept the call. I have notifications turned on in the iphone app.

Nextcloud version: 24.0.5
Talk App: 14.0.6
iOS Talk App: 15.1.1

Hello @jattind
do you get notifications for chats? There’s a document at talk-ios/ at master · nextcloud/talk-ios · GitHub which might help.
Please also check if the notifications app is enabled on the server. You can also take a look in talk-ios in „Settings > Diagnostics“ if the subscription to the push proxy was successful.

I have the Notifications app v2.12.1 installed on the server. In the iOS app Setting->Diagnostics in the accounts section I see the Server and User ID are correct, but Push notifications shows Never subscribed. How do I get the app to subscribe to push notifications?
In my setting for the App I have Notifications enabled

I can reach the push proxy:
404 page not found
In the future I will need to disable all internet access as this will be running in an air gapped environment.

Also I am running Nextcloud in a k8s cluster and not a server as such. Not sure how I can run the following types of commands:
sudo -u www-data php /var/www/yourinstance/occ notification:test-push --talk youruser

If it never (successfully) subscribed, you indeed will never get push notifications. Check if the push proxy is reachable or if any firewall rules are blocking it for example. Other than that, there are only a few cases where this would fail, so I suggest looking into that first.

Push proxy is reachable from the server, but my phone needs to be on a VPN to use my Nextcloud instance. When I am connected to VPN, the phone cannot get access to the internet. I think this may be the issue.

Yes, that’s probably the problem. Your phone needs to be able to reach your server and the push proxy. Your server also needs to be able to reach the push proxy. You might need to look into SplitTunneling or something to make that work.

I am investigating how to get the phone to be able to reach the push proxy, but long term I will need to deploy my own push proxy. It seems based on the threads I have read, that it is not possible to deploy your own push proxy with Nextcloud. If that’s the case it will be a showstopper for us. By the way thanks for your help on this.

Well, it depends. Deploying your own push proxy is possible when you have a corresponding enterprise subscription (with branded clients). Doing it for the community version is not possible, because this needs certificates from Apple which can’t be distributed to everyone.
At this point I’m not sure if the problem is the push proxy or the external connection. If it’s the first one: the push proxy is unable to decrypt the notifications and is really just a proxy.

I was able to resolve the issue on my iPhone not being able to connect to the push notifications server. My internal DNS server was setup to not allow query from unknown IPs. When connected to my VPN, the phone uses the internal DNS and therefore could not resolve the push notification server. Changed to allow-query from my IP, I get a notification when someone calls on my phone on NC Talk.

Seems there are hacks for Android push notifications, but iOS is going to be a problem based on what you have outlined.