Nextcloud Talk in Amazon Apps (-> im Freetimeprofil)

Ist es ggf. möglich die Nextcloud Talk App auch über Amazon Apps verfügbar zu machen? Dann wäre es ohne den Umweg über den Playstore oder Sideload möglich die App auch auf Amazon Tablets zu benutzen. Was mir aber noch wichtiger ist: Wenn Nextcloud Talk über den Amazon Appstore laden könnte, wäre es auch möglich die App in Amazon Freetime (“Kinderprofil”) freizugeben. Damit wäre Telefon, Bildtelefon (= Nextcloud Talk Funktionen) in der gesicherten Umgebung für Kinder möglich.

Vielen Dank für jeden Hinweis im Voraus.

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@jospoortvliet, @tobiasKaminsky Is is something you can arrange?

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Technically this is possible, but this requires managing a different system, with releases, feedback, etc.
This is also the reason why I refused to put NC Files app on Huawei for now…

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For the nextcloud app itself it is not important for me and sideloading or installing google play on amazon tablets is enough. For me the only reason is “Freetime” ( With Freetime there is a secure space for children while handling with a tablet und “new media”. Therefore my child has an amazon tablet. But allowing apps in Freetime is only possible for apps from Amazon Appstore. In actual circumstances I think there would be more people with that needings (child should be able to easily videochat). With Nextcloud it only works if Nextcloud Talk is available in Amazon Appstore. I do not want to steer my child to Google (Hangouts) or Microsoft (Skype) while there is a running Nextcloudinstance on my own server…

Thanks for explaining the background.

@mario as you are the maintainer of Android Talk app…

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Hey there, I’m wonderung if there are any news regarding this issue.
I’m facing the same problem and so far I have sideloaded the Talk app to the Freetime profile and have made it accessible via the app “GoToApp”. Now you can start Talk from within a Freetime profile, but as far as I see, you get no notifications of incoming calls.

So, while this is better than not having Talk at all, it still feels only 50% complete. :frowning:


Few month later in the second lockdown in Germany I have the same issue.
I want to support my kids with a secure and safe communication solution. But they do not own smartphones so far.
Is there any chance Nextcloud Talk is coming to Amazon AppStore?
Why not just supporting it once. Would be good enough to update irregularly not with the same cycles as the major stores.
Simply write it there.

I think you could make more people happy than angry.

How can I support this?
I would be happy to help and do something.