Nextcloud Talk: How to fullscreen video or screensharing on selected stream?

When im in a group, how do i get a single stream from a selected user to full screen?
Is it possible to hide the other user avatar?

I figure out a work around on PC to resize the video & avatar, by using zooming in/out browser when in full screen mode (ctrl +/-),
zoomed in / out nextcloud talk video stream / screen sharing

But it doesnt work on mobile phone browser & app.
on mobile, i tried changing to desktop mode, changing user agent, but still cant zoom the video.

this is the closest post with similar issue, but it has no answer.

i need it on a small screen like netbook / phone screen.
my area is on lock-down :mask:, some of my tutee only got mobile phone.


since I did not want to open another thread with the same topic:
is there eventually solution to this issue (using NC20)?
Even in fullscreen the avatars/local cameras are taking quite a lot of space which would be better spent on the shared screen content (well - depends on content I guess).

Thanks - tullsta

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In Nextcloud 21 with actual talk you have a switch to show and hide the line with the videos…

Thanks for the fast feedback!
=> at the moment still reluctant to update to 21, but with 21.0.1 I will :wink:

Thanks! Updated to 21.0.1 and things work nicely.