Nextcloud Talk hardware requirements

What are the minimal hardware requirements for NC server to use it with Talk application for one-to-one video calls?

Is it possible to run it with something like Raspberry Pi 4 or any Odroid’s boards?

It seems that Talk is the only application (with self-hosted server) that ran on all android devices I’ve tested, but it’s not very convenient to use desktop for these goals.

I’am running Talk + Coturn on a RasPi 3b+ for testing and personal use.
It’s good enough for two 1on1 video calls at once.
Textchat only, works great with 10+ participants.

I was once running Nextcloud, Talk, Coturn, and Collabora on a virtual machine with one core of a 10 year old i3 and 4 GB RAM and could make video calls on that. I don’t think it puts much of a processing burden on the server for a couple calls. If you run into trouble and your Pi is on WiFi, you may want to cable it.

Thank you for the answer. Sounds great. After reading here I was a little bit frustrated and even didn’t try to install NC on my RPi 3 B which is used for several other projects - prosody, asterisk+freepbx, openvpn. Everything works great, but freepbx needs php 5.

But now I found a reason to buy a new board :slight_smile: