Nextcloud talk frame rate


we are trying to create webinars by using Nextcloud Talk.

We are using a Blackmagic Web Presenter to input 720p video at 25 fps and custom audio via the xlr input.

The issue is that the web presenter does not come with any drivers that allow us to configure what fps to output, so it listens to the software that its connected to, in this case Nextcloud talk.
Video resolution will always be 720p.

By default Nextcloud talk is defaulting to 30 fps which is conflicting with the video source we are inputing at 25fps resulting video flickering when using Talk.

As far as my understanding goes, nextcloud talk is based on WebRTC , so maybe i there is a setting where i can define default fps value??

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Pablo.

P.D: I think Nextcloud Talk is an awesome product with a great future!