Nextcloud Talk force use of turn-server permantly

Im testing talk and have setup coturn as stun and turn server. Im able to get a connection between my android handy and my firefox pc but the creation of a new call are very slow (>20s).

If i force using of the turn server using the firefox commandline the connection is created much much faster so i think the problem is that i sitting behind a nat and talk is first trying p2p and stun before.

since im behind a nat in germany most the time i like to force turn as default or reduce the time needed to wait for p2p and stun.

I’m running Talk and coturn server as docker containers on my NAS (Celeron) with NAT behind fritzbox and don’t experience such long call setup times… take care - turn server usually needs LOT OF ports to be port forwarded… this is a nature of voip - it allocates ports from the range you assign to it and the expected range is more or less huge. take a look at the docs, decide how many ports you need for your installation and forward a range of UDP ports to your TURN server.

Oh sorry my nextcloud and coturn-server are running on a vm on a real server with direct connection to the internet so port-forwarding is not the problem.