Nextcloud Talk for Android v2.1.0beta3 is out!

Beta3 is out with the following changes:

  • basic emoji support
  • better proximity sensor handling in voice-only calls

Updated with no problems.
I want to try the emoji :joy::joy::joy:

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Android perfect

Web interface, really funny :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Also if I write an accent in Android talk. In the web interface don’t show and show a code.
The first sentence in the picture are:
Soporte básico de emoji

Fixed. Will be in next beta.

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Updated 2.1.0beta4
The emoji are missing :cry::cry:

How are they missing? You need 3rd party keyboard in order to send emojis.

Is it possible to add an function to send files?

Sorry for the delay, but I’m really busy
Went I sent a emoji only send a empty message

What keyboard? What app version on the server?

Maybe sometimes in the future.

hi I expected have the lastests versions

Nextcloud 13.0.4
Talk 3.2.2

android 2.1.0beta5
Keyboard swiftkey

updated beta 5, alredy doesn’t work

please take me out here

Tried. works perfectly.

Not in my mobile



The emoji lines are missing

I don’t know, sorry - look at your DB collation.

What’s recommend third party keyboard to use on Android

I use Maria DB,
i don’t have any idea about DB collation

In beta 3 works the emoji, but not in beta4 and beta 5

Beta3 was broken in that regard. Beta4 and Beta5 work properly. The issue is MOST probably in your database setup.

I make the database with Maria DB for a nextcloud, and I never touch it.
if you want I can make a new test instance and create a new database, but tell me what’s a special thing i need to do.

Do not use 3rd party keyboard from Google Play unless you have Firewall on your phone. If not all most of them steal your information, I tested multiples of them and all of them try to contact external servers constantly.

Only one I can recommend is Anysoft from F-droid, it offers emoji