Nextcloud Talk for Android v1.1 Beta3

Dear users and friends,

I have just released Nextcloud Talk v1.1 Beta1 for Android. Following the first ever stable release of the Talk Android version we released 14 smaller bugfix releases that each touched on one or the other part of the app, incrementally improving on the overall experience.

v1.1 is something entirely different however. I’ve taken a look at every animation, every UI element , every workflow and made it better. I took a look at every crash and made sure it doesn’t happen again. But of course, new features made their way into this release as well. Some of them include:

  • a nicer contacts view, grouped by the first letter
  • push-to-talk
  • call actions
    • set/change/clear password
    • rename call
    • share call
    • and many more options that I leave to you to explore!
  • support for joining public calls (both WITH and WITHOUT the password)
  • reworked call controls and audio-only call by default
  • support for creating public and group calls

There are a few other things that I’ll leave to you to discover. If you’re not already part of the Beta program, you can join it here:

Community feedback has been awesome, and most of the work is driven by you. As such, any and all feedback is welcome either here, on Google Play, Github ( or via my email:


Update: Beta2 is NOW available! Go ahead and try it out!
Update again: Beta3 is NOW available with lots of bugfixes and nice improvements!


Can you please add the possibility oft multiple accounts/NC instances?

This exists since version 1. Go to settings and click “Add an account” or something like that :slight_smile:

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Any SIP support?

How can I share an public link?

We (as in the company) offers a SIP gate as a paid option.

If you already have a public call, click on the three dots to the right of it and click “Share link” :slight_smile:

My Samsung S4 Mini don’t accept your talk beta application not compatible… Can you resolv this problem please ?

I guess you have Android 4.x? That won’t work, sorry.

Off-topic slightly, but i just saw that the app has the capability to import an existing Nextcloud account. This feature would be great to have in the countless Nextcloud apps out there, can it be implemented in other apps as well?

Great work Mario! Any chance to get a direct apk link via github as for the other releases or even better on ?

Absolutely. I just can’t promise it before Monday, sorry :frowning:

Yes, and no. I’ve been inspired by the great work of David over here:, but unfortunately it never worked for me (cross-signature imports) so I decided to rewrite it for Talk purposes since it was relatively simple.

The reason why it works the way it does is that Talk and Nextcloud are signed with the same signature.

Code by David SHOULD work across-signatures (with one additional step), but like I said - couldn’t get it to work that way :-/

Any chance of getting this app on F-Droid any time soon?

Well, “soon”. At least for 1.2, if not sooner.

Perfect. Looking forward to it.

Done, thanks for reminding me.

Might happen for 1.1 after all, I’m doing a lot of work on this now.

Where do I find the source code for that?

Nowhere yet as it’s not ready/is in testing AFAIK. But I’m not the right person to ask.