Nextcloud Talk Exposed To Internet On Local Instance?


I installed Nextcloud AIO locally without exposing to internet and everything is default and green. I prefer it that way, you know, to avoid spooky people.

However, I had a jump scare yesterday, where I tried to call some contact and s/he told me that their nextcloud talk rang, and yes, I confirmed, it’s ringing even though s/he is not in my local network. However, they are not able to access the nextcloud without the vpn. But still, Im wondering why is it happening?

Help me understand how is that possible? Nextcloud AIO has an outbound access but I never forwarded any ports. And its not possible to forward any ports on my ISP anyway, its under CGN, so yeah…

You mean the app on iOS/Android? This is done through push notifications, your instance sends the notification to a proxy which then relays it to Apple/Google. As long as you allow outbound connections, this is working. Accepting a call kn the other would not work, if the instance is not exposed.


Yes! The app. Push notification, yes, this must be it. Yes, accepting the call didn’t work since opening the app doesn’t work as well due to not being able to connect to the server.

I might try the web version too just to confirm.

Thank you for easing my worries.