Nextcloud Talk expands to include chat on all platforms, improves user experience


sorry, mate… i don’t think anyone would do something for windoofs phone, now even less than ever before (though it was a thing to put thought into, back then. i agree)

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Yeah I know … But that’s why I mentioned Universal Apps. If it works on Desktop I could use it anyway :stuck_out_tongue:
I mean the phone works very well and I don’t like the idea to switch to Android/ Google. I’ll probably use it until it falls into pieces :smiley:

if i wouldnt have favoured android-devices before i eventually would have gone with windows phone as well.
but wells.,… decisions has been made. some even out of my reach :o) -
btw: did you know that you can setup a google-less android?

I think a cross-platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS) desktop version with notifications and everything a desktop client should have would make more sense, even if it is just something in Electron (like a lot of other chat clients nowadays).

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Cool that the text chat is now also in the mobile app. I have two problems, though:

  1. in the mobile app my contacts are empty
    2 How can I save call partners as contacts directly from Talk?

I use the latest Android app

When is the update for the iOS app, this is in the store still on version 1.3.2

apple always asks for some testing-time when they receive a new app (or app-version). it could take more than 1 week, i was told once.

  1. That means you’ve disabled contacts auto-completion in Nextcloud. Once you enable it, contacts will appear.
  2. You can’t.

Sounds really nice
I waiting for the windows desktop aplication :laughing:


You will wait for quite some time unless you contribute :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome!! Great Job!!

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Maybe a simple Rambox integration would solve the desktop client problem:

A custom service can be integrated quite easily:

The most important feature I think would be notifications so there is a reminder if a new message arrived.

When is it coming to F-Droid?

When it decides to build.

We have the browser version - it is of course responsive, that is, it works fine on mobile. Heck, I already used Nextcloud Talk on my Android phone in Chrome a year ago at an airport… So that works. Then again, some Electron thing, like Skype and Signal and Slack etc have - yeah, I guess it’d be nice if somebody put that together. Might not be that hard!!!

Is it possible to use Nextcloud Talk as a chat in Mozilla Thunderbird? Are there some other good clients for desktops?

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I have one issue with Nextcloud Talk that makes it impractical - When you try to contact a user through Talk they get no audible notification of an incoming call. Yes, if they’re currently logged into Nextcloud they get a “notification” via a little red dot on the pages bell icon but that’s about it. Very easy to miss this. Now perhaps I don’t have something set up correctly, and if that’s the case please let me know.
I’d like to recommend a PC based client that can provide notification and connect the call. With such an integration I can envision eventually dropping paid VTC services.
Thanks for all the work being done on this application and all of Nextcloud.

Bruce, is a good place for questions like this. IMHO better than “hitchhiking” announcements :wink:

Regarding your issue: No call notification/signal/ring tone at other party when trying to start a call (audio)

I’ve had the same question :slight_smile:


A Desktop-Client for Talk would really make things easier.
We are about to move our business communication from telegram (yeah, sucks) to … well not to the Webbrowser version.

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What is the use case for Client certificate based authentication? And how do you use it?