Nextcloud Talk Comparison and System Requirements (on-premise)

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May I know if there is existing comparison of Nextcloud Talk vs other free messaging app.
like Viber,Vsee etc,…

To see the full advantage of Nextcloud Talk

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already discussed here

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Its much better if have official post like in documentation…
and like Nextcloud

I’m looking for System Requirements of Nextcloud Talk if you 20 people video conferencing.
Nextcloud Talk Comparison vs other messaging app…

Is more easy to identify if we going to upgrade only our server or get the service of other messaging app.

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again: this is already discussed over there in the other thread. you will find that you’d need a professional supportcontract with nc gmbh to being able to have 20 ppl videoconferencing with nextcloud.

read, read, read… all your questions seem to be answered already

thank you for your confirmation will not work without nc gmbh support to handle 10 to 20 video conferencing.

Now will not suggest in our group to activate or use Nextcloud Talk…

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thats ok.
you might wanna check out

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