Nextcloud Talk can it be standalone

Hi, everyone
I’m learning about Nextcloud Talk - i’ve got one question
can it be used stanalone, without all other nextsloud apps and services?

No i think not. Nextcloud is a “construction kit”. There are a lot of apps but you don’t really need to install many.

But you can minimize the apps of Nextcloud at installation and after that.
Apps that are not used also place only a small load on the system (e.g. only with cron).
Also i think you can not uninstall Nextcloud Files but you can set e.g. the quota to 0 B. :wink:
So the user can not create files. Nextcloud Files becomes useless.

But maybe Nextcloud Talk is not the right application for you. As an alternative, you can take a look at Matrix, Jitsi or BigBlueButton for chat and videoconferencing.

I think Matrix / Synapse comes closest to your request (if you need user accounts and mobile).
On mobile devices you can use different apps e.g. Element (Android, iOS) or SchildiChat (Android).

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Nextcloud Talk is a Nextcloud app. You need to run it on a Nextcloud server. But if you wanted, you could remove some other default apps and just not use it for file storage.

I don’t know if the Files app can be removed or disabled? I’ve never heard of anyone trying it.

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Disable Files is not possible. But Talk can be set as default-app and the files-button hidden with css. But the files-app is used for sent files in Talk.

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Thanks everyone for replying.
and what’s the licecing policy in that case, if I need only Talk ?

You simply can’t.

Talk is a nextcloud app, is like if you want the car’s windows operating without any battery or enginge.

Same as always. Free and open source.


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