Nextcloud Talk bugs 8.0.5

Hello All,
i’ve made the setup with nextcloud + coturn server to use Talk app on PC&mobiles with my family or friends.
Despite my whole vm server is behind router(nat), normally i can make a video conference with even 4 machines (with Win/Linux browsers) from outside my network without any problems. Only Andorid Talk app is usually not working (black screen and no sound) when connecting by gsm 4g. I have rather good perception of net forwarding and verbose logging in turn server, so i presume the app has some bugs with connecting with coturn behind nat configuration (with REST API of course). Moreover, the Talk app has been yesterday upgraded (v8.0.5) and on my mobile it’s sometimes double text in chat showing, sometimes not giving android popup notifications despite it’s running in background and now when the vibration is on, it’s not working at all. I’ve tried to reinstall Talk on my mobile with no result. Could someone check it also please.

Same problem for me!
See here: