NextCloud Talk across Groups

Hello all,

We have been using next cloud for for some time now and we use the following settings under “Sharing”.

Allow sharing with groups
Restrict users to only share with users in their groups
Allow username auto-completion
restrict username auto-completion

We need the above so that we can have groups who cannot be aware of each other.

However, we are looking to adopt TALK and this bring a requirement that some of the groups should be able to talk to each other but not all.
However, the users cannot see the other users in the TALK and I am assuming it’s because of the way the groups are “protected”

Does anyone have ideas or suggestions how to implement such a use case ?

Thank you!

Hey, maybe this app helps?
Unfortunately I couldn’t figure myself out how tu use it.
See Where to configure the allowed/blocked groups? · Issue #2 · rullzer/sharepermissions · GitHub