Nextcloud Talk 5.0.2 Internal Server Error

I updated today to 5.0.2 of Talk at my nextcloud 15.
Since that I get an internal server error if I try to access the app.
In the logs I can found the following error:
Error: Minimum value must be less than or equal to the maximum value at /var/www/nextcloud/apps/spreed/lib/Config.php#157
Can someone give me advice?

Hi kaisa-pg,

i’d had the same issue and found just right now a solution.

Talk tries to get a random STUN Server from list. By default the server is available, but it cant get them. Maybe they’ve changed something inside the DB structure.

The solution is, to go to the settings of Talk ( ) and edit the stun server list… for example edit the stun-server-url by clicking in the textfield. Right after that by just press enter. Nextcloud will now update the “talk” configuration and it will be confirmed by a green check icon for a second.

after that it should work again!

if you can’t access the server, you have to occ app:diable spreed, access the server, occ app:enable spreed, go directly to the settings, do as nerdneedshelp said, and then it will work.

WOW :slight_smile:
Thanks that works for me :slight_smile: