Nextcloud Talk 4 phones no notification shown(android and IOS)

Hello everyone!

When starting nextcloud Talk i never got any notification above (when you slide down from the top)
I don’t understand what is wrong with the app… but at each re-installing this message is shown

Push notification deactivated
I can’t be called because there is no ringtone too… i tried with many phones all are not sending system notification.
I have to open the app to see if i had a call or not.

Most of video game app can send notification once a day but not nextcloud talk?
And i found a lot of people having the same kind of issue on forums.

And of course i checked my system parameter…

On my computer web browser Chrome is displaying notification correctly (when the webpage is open)

so please i don’t want to use emailing to notify other people… so please tell me how can i solve this issue

For info
i tried 3 different old version and 8.09 and 8.03 and the beta version now available of Nextcloud talk…
I am on samsing galaxy s9+
Using android 10
Nextcloud 20(same before upgrade)
Using Http protocol

Thankyou very much if you can help me

Did you install Talk from F-Droid? As you only get Push-Messages if you installed from PlayStore ore use the apk from Releases · nextcloud/android · GitHub (use the gplay-release and please mind, that by installing this way you won’t get any updates via the PlayStore).

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I installed from google play apkpure Fdroid and disabled the battery saver… and it was the same with the apple phone…
And i don’t like update if my apps work properly but i didn’t try from github yet…

Screenshot_20210203-100531_One UI Home

Nextcloud notification are working but not nextcloud talk