Nextcloud tables as favorites on the attic Dachbord


I have files and surveys
in NextCloud on the attic.

I would now also like to put tables on the attic shelf.
How do I do that?

Wilfried Diepers

When you open a new topic, there is usually a template to fill out. For me, your post seems a bit strange and I don’t really understand the context of your problem. Using the template might be clarify things.

By installing this: Tables - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

…or this and this in case you are referring to spreadsheets.

If you meant putting an actual table in an actual attic, buy one of these, not sure if they fit on a shelf though. :wink:

Nextcloud tables as favorites on the attic Dachbord

in case you meant “How to add Tables to the dashboard?”. As far as I know there’s no dashboard widget available for the Tables app. But you could open a feature request here: Issues · nextcloud/tables · GitHub

But please don’t call it an attic shelf :wink: