Nextcloud sync client connectivity issues behind Pfsense

So I’m swapping my ISP router for a server running Pfsense.

All works fine, i can connect to nextcloud in the browser, NAT settings work as expected.

I am however experiencing connectivity issues with the sync client. Both on OSX and Windows.

Can anyone help to diagnose this? I’m not having any luck figuring this out…

The client seems to drop the connection constantly. I can push small things like calendar entries, some small photos. But the moment you try to sync larger files or larger groups of images the connection drops.

I attached a screenshot of the status of the client in the sync bar but I doubt this is any help.

Are there any log files to be found somewhere?

Screenshot 2021-10-21 at 11.05.24

Screenshot 2021-10-21 at 16.19.04

If you think the problem is from Pfsense, then you should have a look at the Pfsense logs. I have an OpnSense firewall and never encountered any problem.

I’m so sure its pfsense anymore. I just installed NC 22 on a ubuntu VM and linked it to the sync client on the desktop. Things sync fine, even large files. But on my old NC on a different VM it stops.

Very strange. Because my old in stall worked fine on bare metal. I just moved it to a VM and now the sync does not work anymore…

It turned out to be an issue with the NAT reflection. But it was strange that it worked on a new NC install…

Since you are using pfSense you could use DNS override instead of NAT reflection. With NAT refelection on every packet is hitting basically two servers. (Client → pfsense WAN interface → Nextcloud server) With a DNS override entry clients connect directly with your Nextcloud server.