Nextcloud support server for slow Internet

Hi everybody,
I run a Nextcloud (NC) at home, have enough fast internet (about 100/40MBit Rx/Tx), but unfortunately my family has only slow village internet with 10/1MBit Rx/Tx.

Is there a way to install a “NC support server” in the intranet there? Who syncronizes the data of the three required accounts directly with my server and also keeps all these data? So that the later syncronization with the clients runs faster.

There I already run a small Ubuntu 18 LTS NAS with enough memory.

Does that make sense: (?)
On the NAS (with the slow Internet) I install the NextCloud Cliend (cmd), this syncronizes everything. Then I share this folder as a SMB share in the network and on the client computers I integrate them.

Isn’t my question understandable?

I’m not aware of Nextcloud having such a feature. What you might do instead is run a separate Nextcloud onsite for them and set up federated sharing.

Yes, that’s the closest to have some sort of cache server on your local network.

There is no option like this, there have been questions to cache stuff from federated share etc. but I haven’t seen recent development, you might check yourself on if they have something in their backlog.

I suppose it is not trivial to handle this, even on the desktop client I still get a couple of conflict files (even on files I haven’t touched). If you run a shared folder via SMB, you have to be careful not to miss such events.

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