Nextcloud store but not wanting it to sync

Hey Guys,

I have my document files on my network drive (home network) and it is years and years of files. is there a way to only sync a few BUT have all files and folders available as and when needed?

You can have everything on the server, and then use the virtual file sync feature of the desktop client, so you see all the files but it only downloads the needed. Here was the initial presentation of this feature:

If you have everything set up in folders, e.g. everything current in a separate folder, you can make this folder available offline, so it is always available even without internet connection. And then move it over time to an archive folder.

If you want to do it the other way round, keep everything archived on your home network drive, and only share the current data. I’d try to use a current data folder as well and share this over Nextcloud.

AH thank you a ton for that. I will check it out. Makes sense. May be the answer :slightly_smiling_face: i will check it in the morning. 4:25 am now haha