Nextcloud storage


Is there some documentation around about how Nextcloud stores user data?

There is a ./data directory, sure. But is that all there is? Other than in the database of course.


The files are into the data folder.
You have then a folder for each users and then a thrashbin, a versionning folder, a folder for datas.
Into the database you have all the magic that links thoses files/folders. Permissions, caches, passwords, sharings, contacts, calendars etc…
both elements are important.

Nextcloud isn’t a server for backup. It’s for sync.

Don’t forget to backup as good as possible the following :
1- web files (/var/www/nextcloud) espacially the config.php file.
2- the whole data folder
3- a backup of the database

If you’re missing one of thoses points and you need to recover from scratch you will be lost in some ways.

Follow up.

If Nextcloud looses contact with its authentication backend e.g. LDAP for a long while, what is the expected behavior?

Is it possible that Nextcloud would partially delete files while keeping information about those files in the database?