Nextcloud Storage Size


First question ;

I have installed Nextcloud with script “” on Digital Ocean Dropplet with 100 GB Volume attached . When i expand volume to 120GB or more , nextcloud does not refresh Total storage size, it’s still saying 100 GB total space.

Second question :

I have created user with 200 GB Quota , and when loged in it shows 100 GB. (disk max size)
Before i did not have that issue, there was few test accounts with 200 GB or 300 GB and quota shows how many is used from Quota. But now it shows only max disk size .

thanks in advance

How did you do that?
Do you have SSH access?

I have SSH acces, i have expanded Volume trough DO Dashboard.

You mean this?,-After%20you%20create&text=From%20the%20volume’s%20More%20menu,volume%20to%20the%20selected%20size.
Does it show the new size on the system level?

Yes. But in NC it won’t show changes , still showing old size.

Hmmm… No idea…
I guess you tried rebooting… re-scan the data folder…