NextCloud stops working with LDAP

Hi all,

When I want to integrate users with LDAP, I have a problem that I hope you can help me with.

If the users I want to add, come from an organizational unit, which in the name have a “comma” NextCloud stops working.


(memberof=CN=Test,OU=Test \,AD,OU=CUSTOMERS,DC=local,DC=com)(primaryGroupID=2004)

As you can see, before the “comma”, I add an escape character, “”, for the filter to work, but NextCloud does not work once I add it. I have to restart the machine that contains NextCloud, and once it starts again I have to remove that organizational unit, or it stops working again.

I have tried in other software that have integration with LDAP, and they all work with that escape cache, except NextCloud.

Could someone guide me on what happens, where is the error?

Thank you all

Have you checked the standard, to check if commas (in that form) are supported in the LDAP filter?